Voluntary climate protection and energy efficiency

We have agreed with EnAW, the energy agency of the economy, a target agreement to the increase of the energy efficiency.
We make therefore an actual contribution to use the energy efficiently and to lower the greenhouse gas emissions.

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As an industrial enterprise, NACHBUR AG takes its responsibility seriously towards the environment and our fellow human beings. Customers, employees, partners, government authorities, suppliers and society as a whole can rely on our certified fulfilment of ecological criteria.
A functioning environmental management system is based on individual initiative and self-commitment.
Aware that global resources are limited and the strain on our ecosystems is increasing, we are building an environmentally-oriented company management.

Environmental management

We are creating appropriate programmes to achieve our environmental objectives while contributing to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance
and comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations.

Environmental production

Considering the economic aspects as well, we are always looking for environmentally sound production, packaging and transport practices.
If our suppliers present us with comparable offers, we will opt for those that best meet our ecological principles.

Environmentally-friendly use of resources

Our goal is to conserve resources and avoid or at least reduce hazardous waste production and fuel use. Unavoidable waste is collected in a separated system and delivered to the appropriate recycling or treatment facility.

Environmentally responsible work

Our employees are given a continuous flow of information and training to promote their awareness and understanding of environmentally-responsible work. They are essential actors in ensuring that our company implements and continuously improves our eco-friendly practices.

Environmental aspects


We follow a waste recycling and disposal plan to ensure that any waste we do produce is sent to the appropriate treatment or recycling facility.

Water treatment

The tap water we use in manufacturing is treated in our water treatment plant before being discharged into the sewage system.

Cleaning of components

Safe handling of solvents whilst cleaning metal surfaces:
the high demands for the cleanliness of our turned parts place equally high demands on the cleaning system.