CNC Machining

Your precision parts are machined by means of simple 2-axis machines up to highly sophisticated 14-axis automatic lathes.
Cutting process is done in small, medium and large volume.
For the production of your turned parts and milled parts, there is a large number of CNC-automatic lathes as well as numerous machines for secondary operations.
This enables us to achieve highest quality on surface roughness.
We are machining almost every material up to special materials.

Parts on CNC sliding head automatic lathes

Precision parts on sliding head automatic lathes can be produced from bar up to a diameter of 32 mm. Complex geometries as well as tight tolerances are feasible.
Even smallest drill holes of a diameter of 0.05mm can be made on the machines.

CNC fixed head automatic lathes

High precision parts of shorter lengths are produced on fixed head automatic lathes.
This can be done up to a spindle-through hole of 65mm from the bar. Cutting is possible on the main spindle as well as on the back spindle.
Your turned parts can also be produced using chucks up to a diameter of 150mm.