Screw turned parts

The essential operation in “décolletage” ist the turning. This means the cutting process of a workpiece, where the workpiece or the tool is rotating.
“Décolletage–work” is made on automatic machines.
“Décolletage parts” are being produced by Nachbur on swiss screw-machines.

There might be several processing steps necessary in order to produce customised “décolletage” parts with totally individual requirements.
We choose out of our variety of machining-processes, the most suitable solution for your task:
Turning, diamond-hard turning, drilling, reaming, grinding, horning, polishing, tumbling or blasting.
In addition you also have the possibility to choose the appropriate treatment to expand the features of your parts:
thread rolling, interior and exterior rolling, smoothing, spherical forming or various surface- and heat treatements.
“Perfect in precision” also means that our parts are all perfectly assembled and at the right time at the right place, in the required quality and quantity Further complex parts are produced on our modern CNC machines.