Nachbur management principles

In the NACHBUR culture, we all work together. Working together means give and take. Our actions are fair and we aim for joint success, which entails endeavouring to improve on a daily basis. Hence we treat each other with due respect.


We focus on performance and results, based on our mission and our targets. Above-average performances are acknowledged and employees must also be commended.


We are ready to go out on a limb to admit mistakes, also to make unpleasant decisions, and to defend and enforce them. We are committed, courageous and fair.


Open communication with superiors and employees promotes team spirit and strengthens mutual trust. We provide honest and clear information with the necessary speed.


We trust our employees and are prepared to fully delegate tasks and to encourage individual responsibility. Achievement of objectives is monitored.

Teamwork skills

We place our employees in the right positions. They carry out discussions in a constructive and interested manner, accept different opinions, but do not shy away from decisions. We promote teamwork even across functional boundaries.

Improvement Process

This motivates employees to question existing procedures and to make suggestions for improvement.

Role model

Our managerial staff represent the company and its values both internally and externally, and support the decisions which are made. They are role models for their employees, so they demand only what they themselves are prepared to do. They behave in a loyal manner and abide by agreements.

Further development

Nachbur employees are willing to change, to be open to new ideas and to engage in on-going further training. Our management encourages their staff to be forward-looking.